Moon Phases Necklace


Celebrate all phases of the moon with this gorgeous pendant. 
Available in gold filled or sterling silver chain; 16 inches with two inch extender

Moonstone Healing Energies: Growth/Self-Discovery, Intuition, Magic, Feminine Power, Peace and Harmony
Chakras: Third Eye (6th chakra), Crown (7th chakra)
Emotional: Moonstone is generally associated with the feminine as it can help one to tap into the intuitive part of the mind. it is a talisman to enter inward and decipher how to navigate new stages of growth. Nurture yourself with ease and patience, rather than hurrying for the next stage of life. Think emotional balance with gentle, loving energy. Empower and align yourself with the Goddess within.
Physical: Fertility issues, hormonal shifts, water retention, emotional wounds or grief, daily stress

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