G Inspired jewelry 
A form of self-expression
An outward expression of an inward connection
A visual reminder of your true essence,
inner self, core values

Your jewelry already reflects
your unique beauty
Why not let it inspire & empower you?

A Note From Gillian (owner/designer)

"I also have a studio which people are always welcome to come to and shop. I am always creating so inevitably there are some pieces that don't make it to the website or to shows. One of my strengths as a designer is my creativity in trying new things. I understand how jewelry can be wearable art, but most want jewelry that can be worn every day. My passion leads me to bridge these two and to keep in mind what is current and trending but finding ways to make it sustainable, timeless & with purpose."

Why Us?
Our customers love our jewelry for many reasons. Some are attracted to the jewelry for its quality and price point. Some love the unique designs and can feel the energies of the stones. We often hear, “I have never seen jewelry like this before!” and “I love that you offer quality jewelry with healing energies.”  Above all, when we meet clients face to face, they tell us that they like to admire and wear the jewelry, and appreciate we encourage mind, body and spirit health.

Whenever possible we add a signature moonstone bead to the end of a necklace extender, in earrings, on a bracelet link. Why? Moonstone is one of our favorite gemstones. If you don't know much about Moonstone, find out more on our Gemstone Healing Properties page.