Jewelry for a Mindful Lifestyle since 2008

We are a line of jewelry for the Inspired...created with semi-precious gemstones, fine metals, and love....Wearing your jewelry is a way to express the woman you are....without saying a word.

Gillian Inspired Designs is a woman-owned, small business creating handcrafted jewelry on Cape Cod, MA.  Gillian, owner/designer, handpicks and designs with quality gemstones, which incorporate healing energies to reflect your style and inspire you to live and feel as our jewelry expresses: empowered, beautiful and unique.

Our customers love our jewelry for many reasons.  We often hear, “I have never seen jewelry like this before!” and “I love that you offer higher-end costume jewelry with healing energies.”  Considered “semi-fine,” our jewelry is made sourcing the best semi-precious stones and fine metals we can find.  We love to include a written description of the benefits infused by the gemstones’ healing energies.

Gillian Inspired is for the fearless women who inspire us to not hold back. It's the feeling of loving your own skin and being at home in your body. It's the joy of the women who want to shine brightly and dance to their own beat and play by their own rules. It's for us - the women who lead with love, courage, & compassion.     

Meet Gillian, Owner & Designer     

I LOVE JEWELRY. I have pictures of myself at two years old, dripping in my mother’s long beads and clip-on earrings.  Here at age five, I am trying to show off my newly acquired jewelry! As a jewelry designer,  I began to wonder about the beautiful beads I used: stones and crystals found in the earth, the colors, the weight, and characteristics.

Now as a yoga teacher, mom, and business owner, I am curious and open to the concept of wearing certain stones and crystals for added health benefits.  And I love wearing jewelry that reflects my mood, enhances my outfit, and helps me to express who I am to the world.

I have witnessed these same feelings in the eyes and grateful smiles of my clients. My jewelry and my style are "tools in my toolbox", to enhance my sense of well-being with the world and nature which surround me, and to unite me with my clients who want and deserve the be unique, inspired and live every day like it was their last.