A form of self-expression

An outward expression of an inward connection

A visual reminder of your true essence,

inner self, core values

Your jewelry already reflects

your unique beauty

Why not let it inspire & empower you?

Gillian Inspired Designs is a woman-owned business designing and hand crafting in a Cape Cod studio for over 15 years.  We create timeless, beautiful jewelry with the intent of inspiring the wearer to live fully: mind, body and spirit. We take pride in creating pieces that are exceptionally unique. We create collections to empower and inspire you, and remind you how beautiful you are. Our jewelry is charged with an energy that speaks to the soul. 

We are passionate about our mission to encourage our customers to find jewelry pieces that resonate with their personal style and values. Our collection features gemstones with healing properties, universal symbols (yoga and nature inspired), and unique geometric shapes, which we believe will help our customers express themselves authentically. 

A Note From Gillian, owner and designer (shown on left with her daughter) 

We are so glad you have found us!  I want to tell you how important you are to our company. We want to share our inspirational, high quality jewelry with you. 

Our stones, components and findings are sourced from all over the world and are carefully selected to ensure authenticity and high quality.

We have a keen eye for details such as quality clasps, gemstones, and crystals, and well written (I try!) descriptions of gemstone healing energies.

Exceptional customer service is paramount to our company. We have a year long guarantee from purchase. Are you missing an earring? Want to change out the clasp?  No problem.  We welcome great reviews but if you are unhappy, we strive to correct it for you so you are thrilled with your product.

Don’t forget! We offer custom designs. DO you have a family necklace that isn’t quite long enough? some earrings you want to turn into pendants? We have worked with hundreds of clients like you to create the piece you will cherish forever.

Whenever possible we add a signature moonstone bead to the end of a necklace extender, in earrings, on a bracelet link. Why? Moonstone is one of our favorite gemstones. If you don't know much about Moonstone, find out more on our Gemstone Healing Properties page.

We know you have many options when purchasing jewelry. Supporting small businesses is more important than ever, especially if it’s a luxury good like jewelry or art. These are the first things to go when the economy gets bumpy, (say after a giant pandemic).

But moreover, mass-made pieces lack so much, including an interesting story, personality, passion, craftsmanship, and a lot of heart.  Trust me, I put a lot of love and energy into each piece I create and you will feel that.

By investing in artists like me, you are also investing in your local economy, your community.

With gratitude,


Get in touch!  or 774-313-8662