How to Clean Gold and Silver Plated Jewelry


We often hear, “How should I care for my jewelry?”  Good for you for taking the extra steps to assure your jewelry lasts as long as possible. It's a good idea to take preventative measures to help reduce wear and damage along the way. We care just as much as you do so read on for tips to keep your plated jewelry brighter and cleaner.

1. Keep your hands free of lotions (including sunscreen), make-up, and soil before handling plated pieces, and do not apply perfume or hairspray while wearing plated jewelry. Over time these sprays and lotions can cause a fine coating over your jewelry, and thus, possible discoloring.

2. Remove your jewelry before doing any household work or manual labor. It is also wise to take off plated jewelry before going to bed. 

3. A good way to store your jewelry is in a tarnish-free jewelry box, or even zip lock bags.  To avoid scratching/chipping, wrap pieces in cloth or tissue.

4. We get the best result polishing plated jewelry by using baking soda and a little water. Using a non abrasive cloth or soft toothbrush, gently add a little water and baking soda and lightly apply to the tarnished area.  (An anti-tarnish cloth is best for sterling silver components/chains.)

5. Finally, Wear your jewelry often, since wearing them can postpone tarnishing. You bought your jewelry because it spoke to you; don’t put it aside-wear it!

Here are some other suggestions to get the most out of your plated jewelry. 

  • Take off plated jewelry before a workout, as sweat can cause jewelry to tarnish. Same with pools or hot tubs.
  • When traveling, avoid tossing all your jewelry into one bag so they won't get scratched.
  • Don't use silver polish, toothpaste, harsh chemical cleaners, or abrasive scrub brushes on plated jewelry.

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