Apatite Mandala Chain Necklace


The earthy tones of Chrysocolla's green and blues compliment all outfits.  Apatite marks the spot where the mandala starts....or ends.
34 inches; can be wrapped twice around the neck for a 17" look  

The word "mandala" is from the classical Indian language of Sanskrit, loosely translated to mean “circle."  It represents wholeness, and can be seen as a model for the organizational structure of life itself--a cosmic diagram that reminds us of our relation to the infinite, the world that extends both beyond and within our bodies and minds. Simply put, it represents the universe. 
The mandala appears all over the universe, the celestial circles  such as  earth, sun, and moon, as well as conceptual circles groups of friends, family, and community. Some enjoy using them as a meditative tool. 

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