Heart Gemstones


These are big enough to fit in your palm and are a great addition to your growing gemstone collection. Also a fun add on to your gift!

Size: 30mm

Choose (from left to right, first row to second): 
Black Obsidian for Grounding, Protection, Clearing Negativity
Labradorite for Growth/Self Discovery, Will Power/Strength, Protection
Rose Quartz for Love, Gentleness, Compassion, Forgiveness 
Carnelian for Confidence, Sexuality, Courage
Tiger Eye for Balance, Vitality, Strength
Bloodstone for Inner Strength, Courage, Handling Change
Lapis Lazuli for Inner Vision, Communication, Psychic Ability
Clear Quartz for Clearing, Cleansing, Healing
Lepidolite for Emotional Healing, Stress Relief, Relaxation
Fluorite for Mental Awareness, Clarity, Focus, Harmony, Creativity
Amethyst for Protection, Spirituality, Addiction Release
Aventurine for Growth, Confidence, Vitality


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