Finding the Queen in You

When I was a young girl of about five years, my maternal Grandmother, affectionately named Grandy (combo of Grandma and Dorothy) gave me a treasured gift: a little beaded three dimensional crown charm. With it came a card with just this phrase imprinted: 

“In every woman there is a Queen. 

Speak to the Queen and the Queen will answer.”

~Norwegian Proverb

This little gem has been a part of my daily ensemble for decades! Beyond just a reminder of her sweet soul, the charm’s worth is how it makes me feel - like we will always be connected. 

A few years back, I designed a unique crown charm that has since become a customer favorite. And since I have made it my signature piece, I've noticed that wearing my crown necklace with others creates a sense of belonging. In sharing this charm, suddenly, I am part of a tribe, connected to kindred spirits.

This sentiment continues to motivate me as a jewelry designer - to foster a connection with you and other members of the Gillian Inspired community.  My goal is to remind you of your exceptional nature and that the jewelry you wear is an avenue to express your inner beauty and values.

My goal is to sell as many of these crowns as possible, to encourage people to wear this crown and feel empowered. As more people wear the crown (now called the Queen Necklace), it becomes a symbol of our tribe of kindred spirits. Because, let's face it, we all have a little bit of queen nature inside of us.

I wrote this special card for you and it comes with each crown sold.

Let me share with you just some of what the card says:

“There’s no reason to shrink to fit- be brilliant, be gorgeous, be big, be strong, be you. When you are liberated to be yourself, you allow others to be themselves. And that is the greatness and leadership of a queen.”

The Queen Necklace:



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